4 basic principles that will avoid failures and guarantee your success in real estate investment

First … Without passion, there is no success … real estate investment takes you to the blood and pushes you to do what you must do to be financially independent and live a lifestyle of which most people dream. If the passion is not there, in your heart … if you do not get excited when the phone rings or call potential buyers and sellers, you may move on. To succeed in something, you must work hard and concentrate, if not in real estate, find something that you are passionate about and channel your energies towards it.

2nd … Never forget that your # 1 role is to do business … the real estate and the money that follows are just products to eliminate the pain of the seller and enrich the life of the buyer. Never move over a property, the seller or the buyer … but it will move over the agreement.

I have been doing this for almost two decades and the only thing I have in mind is how I can make this deal where everyone wins and I make a profit. It all depends on the deal and you must have several at the same time to give yourself the most opportunities to close deals and get the reputation that you are the type that meets. When that starts to happen, and if you follow the system, the money will follow automatically. You are more concerned about the deal than money and success.

3rd … Become a fan of a daily routine … develop your own system and fulfill it. As real estate investors, we generally have a lot of “free time” and it is easy to deviate from our daily activities that will guarantee success. I can’t emphasize this enough because I see it all the time. People get into this business; Spend a lot of money going through motions and fails. And then turn around and say something like that … “It doesn’t work, I spent all this time and money and they promised me large sums if I took the courses, but it’s just a jerk.”

We all know someone like that, be it real estate investments or any other business opportunity. These people believe in 2 things …

You can get something for nothing. In other words, all you have to do is buy the bright CD package of the night camp boy, put it in your closet and then, magically, the next thing you know is that you drink Margaritas on the beach in Florida with lots of money in their bank accounts Does not happen
This life is fair when it comes to investing in real estate. There are tens of thousands of dollars in profits involved when a real estate transaction has all the right elements. Stay alert for someone looking to take advantage of all your hard work and take your breath away. It is not negative, it is realistic. The simple truth is that few people worry about succeeding or failing as a real estate investor.
Do business with people you trust, including a good lawyer to write offers and review documents. If you find yourself in a situation where someone has benefited from your hard work and diligence, turn disappointments into learning moments and move on.
The point is that you should be almost religious about a daily routine that includes reading your goals and where you are today to reach them, find properties and make calls, cultivate contacts and keep up to date. of your business environment. To succeed, real estate is like any other business that requires hard work, determination and self-confidence.

4th … Last but not least, you must keep learning and stay fresh. This industry is the largest in the country with billions of dollars linked to it … and is constantly evolving. The recent avalanche of foreclosures is unprecedented and offers investors the opportunity that we will never see again in our lives. Be sure to participate in investment groups online or in person where you can learn from the experiences of others. Dedicate yourself to reading new books or taking web courses / seminars on current short selling opportunities, foreclosures from REO banks and different ways of financing. Use the Internet to access information about new prospects; From here can come fast money.

Just never hesitate to make offers on properties that make sense, experience is the best teacher as a real estate investor. All knowledge of the world is useless if you do not enter the game. The fact that you are reading this article is a good indication of the seriousness of your success and I congratulate you on it. Stay focused, motivated and educated … the system works if applied correctly.

Dan Kleinke: is an active investor in RE who has currently bought, sold, traded, wholesaler or financed more than $ 100 million in real estate transactions, many of which use creative real estate strategies.


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