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What type of real estate investment program is right for you?

What type of real estate investment program is best for you? The right real estate investment program will allow you to become a successful real estate investor. But let’s be clear, the steps to succeed as a real estate investor are simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy. Choosing the right real estate investment program is one of the most important decisions you can make as a real estate investor.

The best-known real estate investment program is the Carlton Sheets deposit-free system, which has been operating as a television commercial for over twenty years. When it comes to real estate investment programs, the Carlton Sheets system Without down payment leaves much to be desired and I don’t want to have to live off this real estate investment program. But Carlton Sheets introduced many people in the wonderful world of real estate investment and for that you should be grateful.

Let’s take a look at three real estate investment programs and the benefits of each.

Kick Ass Wholesaling. Learn to buy.

The most important skill for real estate investors is to learn to buy properties well below market value. When you learn to buy at 50-70% of the market value, profits are assured and exit strategies abound. Paying too much for a property and, often, there is little you can do, besides assuming your losses or waiting for your life in the hope that the market will appreciate it over time.

Another advantage of wholesale is the ability to generate profits quickly without having to use your money or credit. An example is that you find a house with a value of $ 200,000 that a seller will sell you for $ 130,000. In turn, you could sell this to another investor for $ 140,000 and earn $ 10,000 quickly and never have to finance the purchase. For a complete system for wholesale, see Kick Ass Wholesaling

Work for equity. The most profitable way to sell properties.

It is an advanced real estate investment program not because it is difficult to implement but because most investors never discover the system. Instead of buying ugly houses and selling wholesale or rehabilitating, there is a way to sell and get double the profits and have a larger group of buyers who want your home.

Work For Equity is the real estate investment program in which you sell the property with a special rental option contract that requires the buyer to repair the property at your expense. Later, generally after 12 months to maximize their taxable profits, the rental option buyer has the right to buy the property (in the real world, only about 30% of the rental option buyers exercise their option. And buy property).

If the buyer of the rental option exercises his option and buys the property, he is charged and that is good news. If you rent an option, the buyer does not exercise your option, you have a property that has been updated at your expense, and you have the freedom to resell using the method you choose.

The benefits for the real estate investor are too numerous to detail here, but in the end, working for capital can literally double the profits of an investor by rehabilitating the property and then selling it all. of the property after repair.

Work For Equity is a real estate investment program that every investor should use. Why not get twice the profit on the offers you are rehabilitating? All the details can be found in the Work For Equity Pro system.

Instant Real Estate Profit Pro – How to buy properties in 5 minutes or less

For the serious investor, there is a real estate investment program designed to meet all your purchase needs, in 5 minutes or less.

Imagine being able to analyze a property, estimate the profits and print all the documents you need to give the seller a fully justified offer that includes a cover letter, estimates of repair costs, how it came to the proposed price and two offers: a sum of Money and a term. Users of this system are so efficient that they often hire properties after talking to the seller once and without even looking at the property.

This real estate investment program also prepares complete packages to obtain the deed (also known as “Subject to”) that allow you to assume existing loans. Note: Banks do not like this practice, so you must understand the risks involved. All the documents you need, including disclosures, permission to have real information, the power of lawyers and much more. It even creates a trust for you that should be part of your asset protection plan.

Or how about buying pre-foreclosures or making short sales? Automatically prepare short sale packages in less than 5 minutes. This section is for advanced investors but so easy to use that you will feel like a professional in no time.

There is simply no real estate investment program like Instant Real Estate Profit Pro. Take a look at what the program has done for investors across the country.

Investing in real estate is a bit like being a specialized cardiac surgeon. Can you imagine needing an open heart operation and the doctor does not have all the tools he needs to perform the operation? Having the right real estate investment programs is what makes investors successful!

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