Microsoft accidentally released Windows 7 logo!

  Windows 7 logo 7656565 not ing Microsoft has not officially commented on Windows 7 yet. But the company’s Chinese executives are very excited about Windows 7. Windows 7 logo has been leaked from Microsoft account on Microsoft social networking site Weibo today.

  In a Weibo post, Redmond stated, “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 7 is coming soon. Do you think the start menu will be in the bottom left corner? “

  According to various newspaper sources, Microsoft will release Windows 7 at a press event on 7 September. This date is also subject to change. However, sources insist that at least in early October, a technology preview version of Windows 7 will be released. This version is currently known within the company as the ‘Windows Threshold’ codename.

  In this new version of Windows, a Start menu similar to Windows 7 may return. It has also been reported that it will have interactive live tiles and Microsoft digital assistant software Cortana. In addition, there is the gentle sound of changing the user interface and the departure of the leather menu. The Metro app is expected to run on the same interface as a normal desktop app on Windows 7.

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